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About Zanner Management

The internal competencies count more than the external factors involved for me. I am very good at analysing the external and internal surrounding parameters fast and create a sound framework that your enterprise harnesses its energy in one direction.

Leadership means, to take every employee with you, to give every single one self-confidence to act being a leader by themself. Together with me changes will be implemented successfully, new Initiatives are found, which offer new opportunities though.

My personal way of further development and education are transformed to other firms and their situations. I am into helping companies to come up with new ideas and to work with their human beings.

How can I help you?

Do you know „Go“ ?

And what has a game with company management in common?

Go is a strategic board game for two players and has its origin in China. The players try to get more areas on the board with their tiles as the opponent. Go is in spite of its simplicity extreme complex: If every player has done only one move, there are 130,000 possibilities. Compared to: When playing chess there are only 400 possible moves. The big appeal of the game exists in that the players have to keep an eye on the big picture as well as on local situations at every point of time. The player behaviour can certainly be transfered to company management as well.